How can we best tackle obesity before it takes a staggering personal and economic toll on society?

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Get the Facts on Health Coverage and Access to Prescription Medications

It's not always easy to locate the information you need when choosing a health insurance plan. The Access Better Coverage website can help you navigate the health care system to better understand how insurance works. Visit Access Better Coverage to find out how insurance covers your prescriptions, get the latest state-by-state data on exchange plan coverage, and more. Read More...

The Past, Present And Future Stories Of Bringing New Treatments To Market

Medical innovation from America’s biopharmaceutical research companies continues to help patients live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Most of us are familiar with the landmark innovations that have defined our health care landscape. What few of us understand, however, are the processes and complexities that lead to biopharmaceutical advances, or the many moving parts and contributors that make progress possible. Read More...