The 2011 Industry Profile

The 2011 Industry Profile

04.13.11 | By Kate Connors

Often on The Catalyst, Grady and I refer our readers to the PhRMA Chart Pack, a great source of information about the biopharmaceutical research sector.

Today, in conjunction with this week's annual meeting, we're releasing some additional useful material - PhRMA's annual industry profile.

The theme of this year's profile is "Dynamic Research: Vital Effects," and in it, we strive to present a comprehensive overview of the many benefits - for patients and for the economy - that follow the innovative research that is the lifeblood of biopharmaceutical companies.

The profile includes some interesting highlights this year. For example, page 6 includes a description of foreign efforts to attract and grow a biopharmaceutical research presence on their shores. And page 15 visually demonstrates how decisively the biopharmaceutical sector is the most R&D-intensive in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the emphasis on the effect of innovation on patients remains strong. Page 20 provides some examples of some medical breakthroughs that gained Food and Drug Administration approval in 2010. And showing what those breakthroughs might mean in the future is a chart on page 21 that conveys an increase in five-year relative survival rates for pediatric cancer patients under age 15 in the U.S. over a 30-year span.

As the industry gathers this week, it's helpful to take a moment to flip through the profile as a reminder of how much what we do - and how much we'll be discussing at the annual meeting - really matters.

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