A Genome Project for Alzheimer's

A Genome Project for Alzheimer's

03.16.12 | By

A recent article in Newsweek brought to light to an interesting project, spearheaded by a Long Island Alzheimer's researcher Peter Davies, to sequence the entire genome of about 1,000 Alzheimer's patients over the next three to four years.

Davies, a longtime researcher in the Alzheimer's space, hopes to uncover what exactly triggers the disease so that one day scientists can discover effective treatments for the millions of patients suffering from this form of dementia.

As the article highlights, nearly 16 million people could be afflicted with Alzheimer's in 2050 if no cure is found and the costs associated with this disease are skyrocketing.

For these reasons alone, it is going to require innovative collaboration between industry, academia, federal research institutions and others to find solutions to this devastating disease.

And as we've mentioned many times on The Catalyst, the biopharmaceutical industry is helping lead the charge in the battle against Alzheimer's by researching and developing nearly 100 medicines for Alzheimer's and related dementias.

I highly recommend you read the article.

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