Letter From PhRMA's President and CEO

 PhRMA CEO John Castellani highlights the 2013 Biopharmaceutical Industry Profile

Today in America and around the world we confront daunting health care challenges. The incidence and costs of preventable and manageable chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma are growing. The medical needs of our rapidly aging population are unprecedented. And we face extremely complex diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
Each of these alone represents an enormous challenge and, in combination, a threat to both individual health and to the U.S. economy. To overcome these challenges we will need many innovative solutions, and research in the biopharmaceutical sector offers an important part of the answer.
Biopharmaceutical research is an engine of progress in the fight against disease and in building a stronger economy. More importantly, drug discovery offers patients around the globe real hope — hope that a once-deadly disease may be prevented, treated, and even cured, hope that a patient may stop being a patient and live a longer, healthier life.
Researchers continue to work toward these goals in spite of many barriers. The science and technology of drug development are increasingly complex, and the length and cost of research and development have continued to grow. Regulatory and business environments add uncertainty to the process.
Still, researchers in our industry are inspired to improve life for patients. This is why biopharmaceutical research companies invested an estimated $51.1 billion in new R&D in 2013 — the largest R&D investment of any sector
in the U.S. economy. PhRMA members invest in order to realize the promise of incredible advances in our understanding of basic biology; to help solve the puzzle of cancers and rare diseases; and to help reduce the cost and health burden of disease.
I am pleased to present the 2013 Biopharmaceutical Research Industry Profile, which lays out both the challenges
we face and the progress we have made. I am proud of the story it tells of a sector striving to achieve the hope we
all share for a longer life and a healthier future.
John J. Castellani
President and Chief Executive Officer
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

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