Partnership for Prescription Assistance

People need access to safe, effective medications and financial hardships should not stand in the way of proper use of medication. Yet some people find it challenging to afford the medications prescribed, and may seek alternatives, including internet pharmacies and other unsafe practices. Patients may not take medications at the dose or frequency prescribed or may not get a prescription refilled, putting their health at risk.

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) has helped millions of qualifying patients get the medicines they need by connecting them with a patient assistance program that is right for them. Through PPA, many patients get their medications free or nearly free. Learn more about the Partnership for Prescription Assistance by visiting the website (www.pparx.org).

When patients use medications appropriately, their health and lives improve, and health care spending is reduced as expensive hospitalizations and surgeries are avoided. PhRMA supports patient access to medication as a public health priority.

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