Advancing Life

Advancing Life

05.20.11 | By Kate Connors

Today, PhRMA released our new overview of the effect that medical advances have had on Americans, finding that new medicines have yielded significant progress in the battle against disease.

With more than 300 new medicines approved by the FDA in the last decade, many previously fatal diseases now can be treated, making them controllable chronic conditions.
From life expectancy (which has increased by a full decade since 1950) to cancer (the chance of survival for children has increased by 40 percent) to rheumatoid arthritis (which can be treated to clinical remission even in patients with the severe form of the condition), the effects on millions of Americans is clear.
People have different ideas about what constitutes innovation - for some, it may be a car that burns less fuel, while for others it may be a better way of accessing the Internet from their phones.
But for the patients whose lives have changed because of medical advances over the last decade, innovation might possibly mean life.

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