Rx Open and Rx On the Run Offer Help for Millions Affected by Weather

Resources for Americans Affected by Weather Emergencies

04.09.13 | By

In Washington last week it was still winter.  Suddenly, with temperatures in the 80’s it is summer with a vengeance.  The caprice of weather (it is snowing in Denver today and was in the 70s over the weekend) should remind us all how we all may be vulnerable in a weather emergency – especially a hurricane, flood or other large storm. The Washington Post ran a piece reporting that 243 Americans have been affected by an adverse weather event since 2007. 

All the more reason to visit Rx Response and check-out Rx On the Run and Rx Open.  Rx On the Run is a printable form that lets you create a list for your wallet or that details your prescription medications in case you have to evacuate in an emergency.  This is a great thing to have on you if you live in areas particularly susceptible to hurricanes and you have to evacuate quickly. 

Rx Open is another great tool that comes on-line after a storm or disaster has hit.  It lists open pharmacies in a disaster-hit region so that storm manager and the public can know where medicines can be found and prescriptions renewed. 

While we may not be able to stop a coming storm, we certainly can be better prepared ahead of time.


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