Another Example of Excellence

Another Example of Excellence

04.01.11 | By Kate Connors

Recently I wrote about the winner of the PhRMA Foundation Award in Excellence, Bryan l. Roth, PhD, from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Well, the Foundation awards two of these honors each year, so today I get to tell you about the other incredible recipient, Scott Waldman, MD, PhD, who was given the Award in Excellence in Clinical Pharmacology. Dr. Waldman is the director of the gastrointestinal malignancies program at the world-renowned Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia and the director of Thomas Jefferson University's postdoctoral training program in clinical pharmacology.

As I mentioned previously, the award is given to researchers who received PhRMA Foundation grants early in their careers and have proceeded to distinguish themselves since. Dr. Waldman said of the award: "Knowing that whatever I've done was sufficient to make the committee happy is a wonderful closing of the circle."

What an understatement! With his initial grant, Dr. Waldman theorized that a particular molecule - one that plagues travelers with gastrointestinal difficulties - had more serious implications regarding colorectal cancer. He learned that it is not only involved in causing colorectal cancer, but that it is also both a marker for the diseases as well as a target for treatment.

Now, a drug candidate based on his discovery is currently being developed by a biopharmaceutical research company.

Separately, Dr. Waldman's work has led to another application, in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic, that may lead to the development of a vaccine to prevent reoccurrence of colorectal cancer.

It's people like Dr. Waldman who inspire what we do every day at PhRMA, and it's America's patients who inspire - and will ultimately benefit from - Dr. Waldman's exceptional, innovative work.

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