BIO 2011: Evolving Science, Evolving Challenges

BIO 2011: Evolving Science, Evolving Challenges

06.29.11 | By Kate Connors

Yesterday, representatives from emerging companies spoke at the BIO International Convention about the work they are doing in the field of personalized medicine.

They made a few interesting points about how personalized medicine has changed the way scientists study diseases and develop new medicines.
In fact, the science around biopharmaceutical development is evolving at all levels, but the field of personalized medicine provides a strong example.
Carlos Santos, Chief Scientific Officer of Accentia Biopharmaceuticals, spoke about "profound changes in how we target patients."
He explained that Accentia's technology, in addition to chemical and laboratory work, also requires development beyond the product itself. Because of the nature of the work, the company also had to develop an entire new instrument - a bioreactor system with a disposable cassette that can be replaced for new patients.
Moffitt Cancer Center President and CEO William Dalton said that Accentia's experience in having to move beyond the conventional wisdom of drug development was not an isolated incident. His center, he said, has incorporated mathematical modeling into its process as they seek to understand the evolution of cancer.
To that end, he said, Moffitt has brought mathematicians on staff for their "mathematics integrated oncology" program, creating a new branch of jobs within the sector that helps to further the science from an entirely new angle.
Clearly, it's not just the science that is evolving - the researchers are evolving along with it.

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