Bobbie Ann Brinegar

Executive Director, Older Women's League

Bobbie Ann Brinegar is a thought leader and experienced nonprofit executive who has led successful initiatives to maintain the integrity of voting systems used in American elections and secure programs that will preserve social security income and provide affordable and accessible health care for women.  Bobbie currently serves as Executive Director of the nonprofit OWL – The Voice of Midlife and Older Women, which is the only national organization in the United States to focus solely on issues unique to women as they age.  Through her work at OWL, Bobbie advocates for public policies that respect women and provide for their independence, economic security and well-being. 

In addition to being a tireless advocate for the rights of women, Bobbie never misses an opportunity to remind Congress and the Administration that retirement security is an issue of paramount importance to America.  She advocates that seniors deserve to have discussions and re-considerations of programs such as Social Security Income “done only within the context of the normal order of business, not harried, last-minute deal-making.”  Under Bobbie’s leadership, OWL assembles impressive groups of experts who work on Social Security, health policy and economic and job security.  Each year, subsets of these experts contribute to the production of OWL’s Mother’s Day Report, which calls timely national attention to specific issues of concern to women.

Throughout her career, Bobbie has created and directed human service initiatives, including programs that feed the homeless, seniors and others in need, reduce child hunger and provide community based health care to low-income residents and migrant farm workers.  She also led initiatives to assure fair and transparent election procedures and reliable and secure voting systems.  Bobbie believes that inclusive coalitions produce the most effective and sustainable results, as demonstrated through her work as Washington Representative for Verified Voting, President of the League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, Organizer for Health Foundation of South Florida and Founding Member of the Human Services Coalition of Miami-Dade County.

Bobbie is also a skilled fundraiser, having raised nearly $1 million to provide disaster relief, counseling services and recreational youth programs for families in south Florida that were hardest hit by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  Bobbie also was instrumental in raising major funding for the Human Services Coalition of Miami-Dade County to support its efforts to improve state and local policies that governed the well-being of children, seniors, immigrants and others in need of basic human services.  Her fundraising prowess carried forward through her work as Minister of Missions and Outreach at Coral Gables Congregational Church, and at the nursing schools at the University of Miami and Barry University.

Bobbie is devoted to humanity and has volunteered her time on the board of directors of YWCA of Miami-Dade County, Community Relations Board of Miami-Dade County and the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Florida International University and a Master of Arts in Social Work from Barry University.