David Miller, Ph. D.

President and CEO

David E. Miller is president and CEO of the Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization (iBIO), a life sciences trade organization that comprises leaders from the private, public and educational sectors. In this position, he also serves as the president and CEO of the iBIO Institute, which orchestrates business leadership in delivery of world-class educational programs and job-creating new technology ventures.

Prior to joining iBIO, David served in executive positions for technology start-ups: Vice President of Corporate Development for AppsPoint Corporation in Silicon Valley; Vice President of Business Development and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Clear Communications in Chicago; and President of Joiner Associates, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Before that, David served as business aide for the Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, where he initiated a world-first, quality-productivity effort based on Deming/Japanese practices; he also drove the city’s efforts to establish the heralded University of Wisconsin Research Park. David served as Managing Partner of New Age Housing, a developer of solar housing, and as a General Partner of Wyndemere Partners, a developer of energy-efficient conventional housing, both in Wisconsin.

David also initiated successful projects for divisions of Fortune 500 companies: as Regional Counsel for the Hartford Insurance Group subsidiary of ITT, and as Real Estate Attorney for the Richman Brothers division of Woolworth Corporation. David earned his B.A. from Tufts University and his J.D. from Case Western Reserve School of Law.