Jamesetta Smith


I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Indiana. I graduated from Oxford Business College in Chicago, Illinois. My marriage of 52 years produced 2 sons.

Diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus February 1986 at Mayo Clinic was a frightening experience for me which lead me to join a Lupus Support Group in Indiana. The Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. requested that I start a lupus support group in Arkansas after we moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas. This support group was started October 1993 and May 1995, we became a chapter.

The support group in Indiana gave me my life back and I wanted to do the same for other lupus patients. We have been in existence for over 20 years and we have made many accomplishments. The volunteer hours we put forth as a group have paid off tremendously.

I am a published author of “How Strong is Strong” which was published shortly after my diagnosis of lupus.

My other activities basically include working at my church as a teacher for the Mixed Adult Class at Greater St. Paul Baptist Church in Hot Springs. I also serve as one of the first female Trustees, hosting clerk, Assistant church clerk, and a member of Circle No. 3. I was recognized in our local newspaper, “The Sentinel-Record” as one of 18 influential leaders in our community who have offered a helping hand and made a positive impact on others’ lives with their accomplishments, November 2013.