Kathleen Pasley

Director of Development

Kathy Pasley is the Director of Development at the Association of Science-Technology Centers, an association of 650 science centers and museums throughout the United States and across the globe. Our members have a collective mission to educate and inspire the public about science, and to increase public engagement in science related issues that affect their lives. Today, these institutions, reaching 92 million visitors each year, have the opportunity to delve more deeply into the science and, at the same time, dramatically heighten public awareness about the world they live in and the technological advances and environmental changes that are happening around us. Science centers and museums are uniquely positioned as ideal platforms for addressing topical scientific issues. Excitement...Curiosity...Discovery...Wonder...Joy...Engagement through Hands-on Learning -- this is the extraordinary mix of ingredients that science centers utilize to "wow" their visitors.

In the past, she has experience raising funds for international women's issues, children's mental health, medical associations, and AIDS. She has an MBA in Marketing and lives in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC.