Rebecca Lewis

Project Director

Rebecca Lewis has 15 years of experience working to promote the integration of rigorous academic content with opportunities for students to develop essential skills necessary for success in postsecondary education and the workplace. She seeks to excite students about learning—in formal and informal education settings—while giving them the tools to succeed in their educational pursuits and beyond.

Lewis is a developer of a wide range of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum and training and professional development materials. She contributes her science content knowledge, teaching experience, and skills in research and materials development to developing instructional resources and support for teachers, while also coordinating activities across projects. Currently, she is leading an EDC partnership focused on biotechnology education and has led the curriculum development effort for the NASA Summer of Innovation program, the middle school Zero Robotics programming competition.

Lewis co-led the Ford Motor Company-funded Ford PAS project, which developed—and provides technical assistance and professional development for—a program that has evolved from an academically rigorous high school curriculum integrating academic and career education into a comprehensive community-wide high school reform strategy.

She has worked with schools, districts, corporate funders, and community-based partners on EDC programs. She created a hands-on guide for teachers on how to integrate gender equity into existing science curricula, and she assisted with the development of classroom scenarios and working papers on science and mathematics education. She is the author of "Engaging the Controversy in Science Education: Scientific Knowledge and Democratic Decisions."

Lewis received a BS from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, an MAT in biology from Northeastern University, and a CAES from Boston College.