Tom Berger

Executive Director, Veterans Health Council

Dr. Tom Berger serves as the Executive Director of the Veterans Health Councilat at the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) national office.  Dr. Berger is responsible fordeveloping and presenting Congressional testimony and position papers on veterans’ benefits, healthcare, mental health, and substance abuse issues.

Dr. Tom Berger is a Life Member of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) and founding member of VVA Chapter 317 in Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. Berger served as a Navy Corpsman with the 3rd Marine Corps Division in Vietnam, 1966-68. Following his military service and upon the subsequent completion of his postdoctoral studies, he held faculty, research, and administrative appointments at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, the State University System of Florida in Tallahassee, and the University of Missouri-Columbia, as well as program administrator positions with the Illinois Easter Seal Society and United Cerebral Palsy.