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Bookmark This!

05.09.11 | By Kate Connors

Last Wednesday, I mentioned a Boston Globe article about biopharmaceutical research companies and the emphasis on studying medicines in specific populations, for rare conditions, and more.

In that post, I provided some examples of PhRMA's Medicines in Development Reports, which are a wealth of just this sort of information.

However, while they are updated regularly, some may be a year or two old. Or, perhaps you need to learn not just about neurological disorders, but about myasthenia gravis. Or perhaps you are wondering if paclitaxel is currently in any ongoing clinical trials.

Thankfully, our New Medicines Database is now live on PhRMA's new(ish) Web site. It allows users to quickly and clearly search U.S. trials by drug type, indication being studied, company sponsoring the trial, or phase in clinical research.

Powered by Wolters Kluwer Health's Adis R&D Insight, the database is up-to-date, so bookmark it and use it as a reference when you need. Or, if it piques your curiosity, just play around and get a sense of just how much research actually is going on.

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