Surviving Cancer: Susan's Story

Surviving Cancer: Susan's Story

06.05.12 | By Preet Bilinski

Today we have guest post from cancer survivor Susan Parkinson, who talks about her battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL).

You know I am committed to a message when I let a film crew into my living room to put me in front of the camera, without a make up artist, and with barely an inch of new, and newly curly, hair. I have spent much of my career behind the camera and much prefer the anonymity of that role. Vanity aside, I felt honored and lucky to be asked to talk about my experience with cancer and recovery and wanted to be able to show other cancer patients that with a little luck, some good doctors, and some great medicine, there is life to live after the dark diagnosis, and here I am in all my recovering glory, to talk about it.

Cancer comes in many forms and with many variables on the road to remission - I was luckier than many. My hope is that with continued medical research and innovation, cures will come faster to those who are waiting and cancer will become a disease we only read about in history books. Lofty wish I know, but as someone once said, nobody ever got anywhere dreaming small.

Here's to big dreams, big cures, and next time, longer hair and a make up artist! Thank you PhRMA, for letting me share my story.

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