A New Window Into the Lives of Biopharmaceutical Scientists

A New Window Into the Lives of Biopharmaceutical Scientists and Advice for Future Generations of Researchers

01.17.14 | By Preet Bilinski

As we continue our discussion of STEM education this week, we’re providing a window into the daily lives of some of our member companies’ biopharmaceutical researchers and getting their advice for future STEM educated individuals in our “I am Research, Progress, Hope” series.

Some of the scientists featured in the series have high school and college students shadow them, providing opportunities to see biopharmaceutical research in action. One of the scientists, Meredith Liberto from Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), says that it is important for students pursuing careers in STEM related fields to talk to those working in different careers to decide what scientific area they’re most passionate about and advises students to set up these types of shadow days and internships to get a taste of what it’s like to work in biopharmaceutical research. Liberto, herself, served as an intern at BI in both high school and college.

Many of our member companies have programs that facilitate that type of interaction. They’ll be detailed in a new report developed by Battelle Technology Practice that will be released at the STEM Saves Lives forum we’re hosting with U.S. news and World Report next week.

The scientists featured in “I am Research, Progress, Hope” are not only making a difference by increasing our knowledge of the biology of serious diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease and testing potential new treatments and cures. They are living active personal lives, too.  In her video, Liberto talks about exploring the world outside of science, traveling to places near and far.

We hope you’ll check out the “I am Research, Progress, Hope” page to learn more about Meredith Liberto and stay tuned to the Catalyst to hear from additional scientists in the coming weeks. For more information about PhRMA’s STEM Saves Lives forum at the National Press Building on Wednesday, January 22, where we’ll be discussing careers in biopharmaceutical research and how the industry is supporting the creation of a 21st century workforce, please go to www.phrma.org/stem-saves-lives.


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