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STEM Saves Lives Forum Just One Week Away

01.15.14 | By

Just one week from today, PhRMA is joining with U.S. News and World Report for a forum on a very important topic: Science, math, engineering and technology education, better known as STEM education. Numerous studies have shown that the United States has a STEM problem. We are falling behind other countries, with our students ranking in the bottom half of OECD nations in both science and math literacy.

As an industry rooted in science, we see this as a crisis. Without an ample supply of STEM-educated and trained workers, we will not be able to continue to make progress in discovering and manufacturing the treatments and cures that provide hope for millions of patients around the world. We are a nation of invention and discovery, but to retain that global edge, we must have the best and the brightest well-trained minds and that requires all of us to come together to support STEM education.

The event next Wednesday will further elaborate on the issue of STEM education and its impact on the biopharmaceutical sector. We’ll be releasing an important new report at the event, the result of a study we’ve conducted alongside Battelle Technology Practice that surveyed many of PhRMA’s member companies about their investments in STEM education. Additionally, we will hear from industry experts and education advocates - from Cubist, Amgen, Eli Lilly, Educational Development Center and Citizen Schools, to name a few – about some of the creative approaches being used to improve U.S. STEM education and ways to bolster those programs.

For more information about the program on January 22 at the National Press Building in Washington, DC, please go to:


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