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We hope readers of Ye Olde Catalyst are enjoying a relaxing and reinvigorating week.

12.21.12 | By Kaelan Hollon

This week, The Catalyst focused on the challenges facing our nation's health care system.

12.20.12 | By Mark Grayson

12.20.12 | By Stephanie Fischer

A new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) infographic may help patients and their families better understand the lengthy drug development and review process, which is somewhat complicated and has many steps to ensure safety and eff

12.20.12 | By Kaelan Hollon

Today, we've got a guest blog post from an important voice in the fight against chronic disease - Kenneth E. Thorpe, PhD, the Healthy Policy Chair at Emory University and Chairman of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD).

12.17.12 | By Rick Smith

Back when I was a kid it was common, sadly, for people in their middle ages to suffer from fatal heart attacks or debilitating strokes.


A guest post today on by Merck Chairman, President and CEO Ken Frazier puts the fiscal cliff and medical innovation in an i


People the world over are living longer. We've talked about it before, now its getting recognition in the main stream media...

12.14.12 | By Kaelan Hollon

As Dr.

12.13.12 | By Jay Taylor, By Jay Taylor

A compelling new report by the Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC), highlights the strengths and weaknesses of 11 economically and geographically diverse countries.


As the clock ticks closer to the end of the year, the fiscal cliff negotiations are anticipated to run through the holidays.


Whether it is a team approach in the office or working in tandem with friends or family members, many of us have felt the power of collaboration in delivering better outcomes. When it comes to our health, collaboration is also an essential ingredient to improving our health and our medicines.

12.12.12 | By Gretta Stone

I distinctly remember learning about HIV/AIDS in my high school science class in 1994. My teacher described how the virus constantly mutates and adapts to evade all treatments.


The open enrollment period for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage has now passed, but there are exceptions that may be of interest to family and friends. For example, CMS is providing a grace period for eligible seniors and disabled Americans who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

12.11.12 | By Kaelan Hollon

In light of the report we just released highlighting the medicines in development for HIV/AIDS, I thought this interview with a top infectious disease researcher was worth re-posting.

12.07.12 | By Kaelan Hollon

This week we featured a number of posts on Medicare Part D, research and development and innovation.


Below is the latest guest post in our "Part D Perspectives" series, which we'll be hosting throughout the year to share thoughts on the program and its importance.

12.06.12 | By Kaelan Hollon

Below is the latest guest post in our "Part D Perspectives" series, which we'll be hosting throughout the year to share thoughts on the program and its importance.


In doing some preliminary research, I find that my original premise for a new state policy paper I'm writing is spot-on accurate: greater awareness, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases are the best way to improve health and lower health care costs, not arbitrary cuts and restrict

12.06.12 | By Mark Grayson

According to a recent survey by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, nearly one in four adult Internet consumers has purchased prescription medicine online.