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01.31.13 | By Mark Grayson

The National Conference of Pharmaceutical Organizations (NCPO) highlighted important issues to keep the supply of medicines safe in the United States.


Earlier this week, FOX Business ran a segment about the biopharmaceutical marketplace.

01.30.13 | By Stephanie Fischer

For biopharmaceutical companies that rely upon volunteers to participate in clinical research on potential new medicines, protecting privacy has always been a priority.


I've lost count of the number of times I've heard the same refrain about the need for more patients to participate in clinical trials of new medicines.

I've been hearing that over and over like a broken record for almost 1.5 years since we started rolling out "Research in Your Backyard" reports about trials conducted in the states by our biopharmaceutical companies in collaboration with local research institutions.


We may be on "the verge of a renaissance in pharmaceutical R&D," John Lechleiter, PhD, chairman of PhRMA and chairman, president and CEO of Eli Lilly and Company, declare


Many of The Catalyst posts this month have discussed different aspects of innovation, and this week, we focused on one of the most important elements: research and development.


While the "Innovations and Inaugurations" series came to an end last week, we remain focused on the importance of collaboration between public and private partners to help advance innovation and the critical role that biopharmaceutical research companies play in improving health care for patients battling disease.


Last week we released a new report by Analysis Group examining innovation in the biopharmaceutical pipeline.


Last week, the National Institutes of Health announced its support of four new studies aimed at finding new treatments for Alzheimer's disease.


Confession: I'm a dogged TED talk enthusiast. The website provides doses of genius, innovation and creativity in 20 minute takes; a great brain break for my mid-afternoon caffeine crashes void of all intelligent and rational thought.

01.24.13 | By Stephanie Fischer
01.24.13 | By Mark Grayson

Intellectual property spurs global economies by promoting innovation, and protecting its integrity is critical.

01.23.13 | By Stephanie Fischer

[caption id="attachment_5679" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="courtesy of the U.S. National Institutes of Health"][/caption]


Last week, PhRMA released a new report highlighting the fact that there are more than 5,000 medicines in development, 70 percent of which are potential first-in-class medicines that can help patients with serious unmet medical needs. The authors of the report found that a sizable percentage of the potential first-in-class medicines focus on diabetes.

01.18.13 | By Mark Grayson

Anyone buying prescription drugs over the internet should think twice-or more.


01.18.13 | By Kaelan Hollon 


Hope is more than just a presidential theme; it is what inspires us all to do more for those who have less, it represents the promise of a better tomorrow and for millions of patients living with disease, it is what gives them the strength to hold on a little longer for a new treatment that can help