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During the State of the Union last night, President Obama emphasized that "now is not the time to cut...job-creating investments in science and innovation," and we agree. The biopharmaceutical industry knows that investing in research and development creates jobs and strengthens the U.S.


02.12.13 | By Jenni Brewer 

Xavier University, Cincinnati


With Medicare likely to be a leading topic in tonight’s State of the Union address, it’s clear that a new conversation over how best to reduce health care spending is underway.


With Medicare likely to be a leading topic in tonight's State of the Union address, it's clear that a new conversation over how best to reduce health care spending is underway. Regardless of political party, all sides agree that Medicare can be more sustainable while ensuring that seniors have regular access to the high-quality health care that they need.


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02.12.13 | By John Castellani

When President Obama steps to the podium to deliver his fifth State of the Union address Tuesday night, it's clear that he'll be facing both a Congress and nation at a crossroads.

02.11.13 | By Rick Smith

One of the most exciting stories of 2012 came at the very end of the year with the announcement that the FDA had approved 39 new medicines - a 16 year record high. Working in an industry whose mission is to help patients, this is gratifying. These medicines offer new hope for patients suffering from diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, colorectal cancer, and Cushing's disease.


In spite of some amazing strides in the ongoing battle against cancer, it remains a major public health challenge for patients and their families throughout the world.


A colleague of mine was sadly informed last week that Mark Shalom, a loving husband and patient who suffered from Alzheimer's disease passed away. Mark and his wife/caretaker (Sabina) were featured in a video that PhRMA produced several years back about this devastating disease.

02.07.13 | By Stephanie Fischer


February is a great month to focus on your heart. Valentine's Day recognizes the person who makes your heart skip a beat and it is also American Heart Month, which raises heart health awareness so your heart continues to beat.

02.06.13 | By Sascha Haverfield

Facilitating Increased Antibiotic Development with Existing Regulatory Frameworks

Antibiotics are an essential tool in modern medicine. Pre-antibiotic era mortality rates approached 80% for infectious diseases such as complicated ear infection, blood infection and cholera.


In 1970, a child diagnosed with cancer had a less than 50 percent chance of surviving. Today, that number has increased to 80 percent.

As a mother, I find this to be heartening news. And for those parents who have a child diagnosed with cancer, it provides them with hope.


For more than a decade, has provided patients, family members, researchers and health care professionals with easy access to a comprehensive database of clinical trials information.


Developing a new medicine to fight diseases such as cancer or diabetes can require 12-15 years of research and over $1 billion.


A colleague shared with me today an opinion piece in The Scientist that got me thinking about physicians and their hectic lives.