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11.29.12 | By John Castellani

We have been tackling the misfortune and suffering caused by HIV/AIDS now for more than 30 years.

11.28.12 profiled the successful partnership between organized labor and the biopharmaceutical industry as they work together to foster good jobs and help increase access to high-quality affordable health care.


Below is the latest guest post in our "Part D Perspectives" series, which we'll be hosting during the 2013 Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period (Oct. 12 - Dec. 7).


Few things exemplify the promise, challenges and opportunities confronting the global biopharmaceutical research sector as do efforts to foster biopharma innovation in China.


Today we've got a special guest blog post from Dr. John P. Howe III, M.D., President and CEO of Project HOPE. They're doing some pretty special work in South Africa on diabetes, and I encourage readers to check out their website to learn more.


Clinical trials are a critical part of the development of innovative medicines that deliver life-saving benefits to patients.


As one of the founders of a global clinical research organization (CRO) and as current Chair of ACRO, the trade association for CROs, I can assure you that the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO industries are dedicated to the protection, safety, priv


Many times, we have written in this space about clinical trials of new medicines and how they are beneficial not only to patients, but also the economy and the advancement of science and patient care.


Thanksgiving Day. It is a special holiday for millions of families across the U.S. to gather and eat bountiful food and watch endless hours of football (and for me, the Macy's Day parade).


Below is the latest guest post in our "Part D Perspectives" series, which we'll be hosting during the 2013 Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period (Oct. 12 - Dec. 7).


CNN aired an important special called 'Deadly Dose' on prescription drug abuse last night, in which PhRMA's CEO John Castellani was briefly interviewed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

11.19.12 | By Preet Bilinski

Diabetes affects so many people in so many ways. PhRMA joined participants from around the area for a recent Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes event.

11.16.12 | By Amiee Adasczik

I was honored to represent PhRMA at Rotary International's PolioPlus National Immunization Day (NID) in India last week.


One of the most important aspects living with diabetes is adherence. When a diabetic fails to take care of themselves, an otherwise manageable disease can quickly turn into a hospital admission, or worse. As part of Diabetes Awareness Month and our focus on keeping people healthy, we have a guest blog post from policy analyst Nick McNeill from NEHI, a national health policy institute. He breaks down a new NEHI report about the link between adherence and hospital readmission rates.

11.15.12 | By Rick Smith

Once again, it's time for Medicare open enrollment, when beneficiaries select their Medicare coverage for the coming year.