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Yet more proof of the value of exercise - at every age.


As part of our "From Hope to Cures" guest blog series, below is a post from the Alzheimer's Foundation of America President and CEO, Eric J. Hall, on the significant research and progress that will help lead to innovative treatments.


My first anniversary as a PhRMA road warrior traveling from state to state to help educate legislators, health policymakers, reporters and others about industry clinical trials of new medicines is rapidly approaching.


A strong U.S. biopharma industry is vital to ensuring the health of our nation's economy and citizens. Investment in R&D supports jobs within a variety of U.S. industries. The below infographic explains how only with a strong and growing biopharma sector can we add jobs, reduce long term healthcare costs and prolong the quality of life for all Americans.


Erin Mullen wrote a great post about lessons learned in Hurricane Andrew, and stopped by my office yesterday to talk about what's been going on with Rx Response in light of Hurricane Isaac this week.


I've read many interesting blog posts by John LaMattina, formerly the president of Pfizer R&D, but today's post a


For nearly 30 years, PhRMA has held an annual awards event called the Discoverer's Award to honor pioneers in the biopharmaceutical industry whose discoveries helped move the goal post forward in the war against disease. Past recipients were honored for discovering breakthrough medicines for diseases such as cervical cancer, depression, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

08.27.12 | By Scott LaGanga

Earlier this month, I traveled to China to meet with public and private sector officials working to address the global counterfeit drug epidemic.


Yesterday, I highlighted a nice video produced by PhRMA on the prescription drug life cycle. Today, I'd like to talk a bit more about the prescription drug life cycle concept portrayed in that video - a concept with which many people are unfamiliar.


If you haven't had a chance to see Eli Lilly's CEO Dr. John Lechleiter speak, I strongly encourage it. Dr. Lechleiter is a wonky, funny and brilliant former chemist who is a passionate stalwart on the issue of counterfeit drugs.

08.24.12 | By Erin Mullen

...that I was huddled in an interior bathroom in South Florida with my fiance, my sister's roommate and two golden retrievers. We had the radio tuned to hear local meteorologist Bryan Norcross' voice through the dark hours, but it wasn't loud enough to drown out the howling wind and random thumps and crashes against the house.


"Understanding the prescription drug life cycle and how it should affect public policy." That sounds like the title of an obscure 2:00pm, four cup of coffee on a Friday afternoon industry seminar.


As Washington Post's Lenny Bernstein notes in today's Wellness column, schools are starting to get serious about addressing childhood obesity. And it's about time, since obesity is one of the most insidious problems in health care.


The quest for a cure can be a rigorous process that is laden with a series of setbacks and failures. Fortunately, researchers use what they learn from each of these setbacks to advance the science one step closer to a breakthrough.


We often talk around here about the rising rates of chronic diseases (see here, here and the Partnership here) such as diabetes. Sadly, over four thousand Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each and every day.