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There has been a steady stream of media coverage out of last week's BIO meeting in Boston, Mass., highlighting the evolving biopharmaceutical research and development (R&D) model, particularly

06.22.12 | By Greg Lopes

It's time to talk about the other side of the issue when it comes to copay coupons. This is a pretty simple issue from my perspective, it's about getting patients the medicines they need.


As we march slowly toward an economic rebound, a new study predicts that 5.6 million new healthcare jobs will be created in America by 2020. The report was released by the Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce.


Today we have a guest post from Emily Skor, Vice President of Communications and Alliance Development for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

06.19.12 | By Greg Lopes

A Reuters article I read recently raises important issues about the cost of cancer care. But it missed an important theme: New treatments are changing and improving the way we treat cancer and while it's important to keep an eye on healthcare costs, we must see the bigger picture, which is the potential of new medicines.

06.14.12 | By Preet Bilinski

We sat down with Michael Sapienza, the Executive Director and Founder of Chris4Life, a patient advocacy organization committed to improving the treatment experience for patients and caregivers, and to dramatically raising awareness about colon cancer.

Q: How did Chris4Life get started?


Today we have a guest post from Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni, who is an expert in men's health and a pharmacist. He is an advisor and board member for Men's Health Network and serves as Chair-elect of the American Public Health Association Men's Health Caucus.

06.13.12 | By Kate Connors

Continuing on the theme of progress - and the ongoing work of researchers - in battling cancer, today I'd like to point out "Fighting Cancer: Don't Let Our Progress Slow," a column by our president and CEO John J. Castellani that the Huffington Post published yesterday.

06.12.12 | By Kate Connors

Today, the Boston Healthcare Associates released "Recognizing Value in Oncology Innovation," a noteworthy paper about the imp

06.12.12 | By Kate Connors

Andrea Clay is the National Partnership & Strategy Director for the Colon Cancer Alliance. She is the mom of two teenage girls and two chocolate labs. Both her husband and father-in-law were diagnosed with colon cancer the same week in 2004. Here is her view on the fight against cancer.

06.11.12 | By Kate Connors

ASCO's Annual Meeting last week highlighted some of the exciting advances that are emerging in the fight against cancer.

06.11.12 | By John Castellani

I can still vividly remember the year Congress declared war on cancer. It was 1971 and I was a few months away from graduation at my college in upstate New York. There wasn't a lot of optimism in the country then - we were in the middle of the Vietnam War and protests were taking place on college campuses across the country, including my own.

06.08.12 | By Preet Bilinski

Today we have a Q&A with Ryan M. Hohman, JD, MPA, Director, Communications & Policy at Friends of Cancer Research (Friends), a patient advocacy organization and think tank based in Washington, DC.