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Castellani Talks Collaboration on NYT’s Room for Debate

12.16.13 | By

Worth a read are the commentaries surrounding the latest Room for Debate question posed by the New York Times; it’s a good snapshot into the various views on the issue of biopharmaceutical and physician interaction. Our CEO, John Castellani, joined five other health care leaders in the discussion, sharing his perspective on how these interactions represent collaboration and not “influence” (as suggested in the original question). “From Alzheimer’s to cancer, from preventable, manageable but costly chronic diseases to rare disorders, we need more medical progress that is only possible with a thriving innovative biopharmaceutical research sector and a fully collaborative and informed innovation ecosystem.”

Check out John’s comments, as well as other views here. And if your interest is piqued, explore Partners for Healthy Dialogues’ website that does a great job at explaining how interactions between physicians and biopharmaceutical companies help improve medicines and our health.   


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