CMS Offers Informative Take on Physician Prep for Sunshine

CMS Offers Informative Take on Physician Prep for Sunshine

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CMS wrote an informative Perspective article in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) that highlights the important role of the physician community in the implementation of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act.  With over half of physicians in a recent survey admitting they didn’t know that the law requires biopharmaceutical companies to report on expenditures annually, CMS’ perspective on the law’s requirements underscores the critical voice physicians must have in this dialogue.

As CMS points out, physicians can – and should – prepare now to ensure CMS is publishing physicians’ data correctly in September 2014.  Immediate steps physicians can take: 


  • Updating their National Provider Identifier (NPI) information or obtaining an NPI through the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (
  • Providing biopharmaceutical companies with identifying information such as their NPI, state licensure information, business address and specialty
  • Begin tracking their own payments from manufacturers and clarifying reportable data with company representatives

It’s also vitally important for physicians to understand and speak with their patients, friends and neighbors about the impact of their interactions with biopharmaceutical companies, as they are essential to lifesaving medical breakthroughs, the development of new medicines and improvements in the care we all receive. 

With proper context, CMS’s Open Payments database can help patients understand how their physicians work with biopharmaceutical professionals for better health and better medicines.   But it will be incumbent upon the healthcare community to assist the public in understanding the context that accompanies the information. That’s where we hope Partners for Healthy Dialogues can help by providing information and facts about these collaborations and how biopharmaceutical companies and physicians are working towards improved health and new medicines. Please check it out and consider visiting it regularly for updates on the Sunshine Act and related topics.


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