Collaboration for Continued Success

Week in Review: Collaboration for Continued Success

03.28.14 | By

Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”While all members of the biopharmaceutical industry are working toward the common goal of improving patient health, it is through collaboration that we have seen diseases eradicated and innovative treatments emerge from the pipeline. This week, we highlight some of the collaborative efforts currently underway to help patients across the world. 

Although the 7th annual World Rare Disease Day was last month, it is incredibly important to continue to talk about this issue because rare diseases collectively affect 1 in 10 Americans. In a guest post from Global Genes’ Executive Director Andrea Epstein discussed the collaboration and hard work occurring in the rare disease community that is helping to facilitate patient advocacy and research and development every day. We encourage you to learn more about the many organizations and initiatives driving awareness and innovation year-round.

On Wednesday, the South Carolina State House hosted Diabetes under the Dome, an event highlighting innovative new medicines and treatments to fight this debilitating disease that affects nearly 10 percent of the state’s population. Public officials, patients, doctors and biopharmaceutical experts came together to discuss the startling impact diabetes has on our society and the toll it could take if it is not adequately addressed. With 180 medicines in the pipeline to treat diabetes and related conditions, there is hope, but we can’t forget that the first step toward appropriate treatment is awareness. Raising awareness starts with each of us and we encourage you to learn more.

The PhRMA team has been working closely with the Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN) over the past few months on our latest Medicines in Developmentreport that was released this week. Parkinson’s disease affects 1.5 million Americans and approximately 60,000 new patients are diagnosed each year, making it an important disease to discuss. While new treatments for the disease have proven difficult to develop, recent advances in science are working hard to close the gap between research and a potential cure. Thanks to the dedication and collaboration of patients groups like PAN and researchers, nearly 40 potential new therapies are working their way through the pipeline.

In conjunction with the release of the Medicines in Development report, we also launched a new Conversations forum question that addressed the greatest issues facing Parkinson’s patients today, and what we can do to accelerate research and development (R&D). On our newly designed platform, experts answered this question and encouraged others to share their thoughts.

With 27 questions and more than 120 responses to date, the Conversations platform has shared different perspectives on a number of relevant health care topics and we encourage you to be part of the dialogue via The Catalyst, Facebook, Twitter or Conversations.


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