A Conversation on Healthcare in 2013

Conversations on Healthcare Accomplishments in 2013

12.17.13 | By John Castellani

When we launched Conversations in June of this year, our goal was to blend formal contributors with an ongoing opportunity for experts and thought leaders to weigh in on a broad range of high-level policy topics. The forum has been a tremendous success. So far this year, we have seen 19 unique questions with over 90 responses from a variety of thought leaders and stakeholders, both inside and outside of the healthcare space.

For our last Conversations question in 2013, our twentieth question, we decided to do things a little differently. On Thursday, December 12, I was fortunate to be joined by Chris Hansen, President of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Myrl Weinberg, Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Council, and Chip Kahn, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of American Hospitals for a roundtable discussion looking back at 2013 and even ahead into 2014.

Moderating the discussion, I started with the question:

What were the biggest accomplishments in health care in 2013 and what progress do you hope to see in 2014?

What followed was an incredibly thoughtful, captivating and patient-focused discussion on a host of healthcare issues, including many aspects the President’s healthcare law, ways to improve patient care, and the need for more investment in research. With a camera crew, we filmed the nearly 40 minute discussion, which is now live on PhRMA.org. I encourage you to watch it in its entirety and provide your own opinion on the greatest accomplishments of 2013 and what you would like to see in 2014.

I want to thank all of the individuals who participated in Conversations this year, and I look forward to what we have planned in 2014 to expand these important discussions and introduce new ones.

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