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Conversations: Medication Adherence

08.29.13 | By

As we’ve previously noted on the Catalyst, medication adherence continues to be a serious challenge with significant consequences to patient health and costs associated with acute care, hospitalizations and surgery. Today, nearly 145 million Americans suffer from chronic disease, but only one-third take their medications as prescribed. Additionally, Prescriptions for a Healthy America, a newly established coalition of which PhRMA is a partner, highlights that more than 1 in 5 new prescriptions today go unfilled.

The effects of non-adherence to prescribed medicines ripple throughout society, leading to less optimal patient outcomes and higher health care costs. Unfortunately, there are no simple solutions to improved adherence rates; people fail to stick to their care plan for reasons unique to each individual.

It is in this context that we ask this week’s Conversations question:

A recent study found that nearly two-thirds of Americans do not adhere to their medicines as prescribed. How do we address this challenge?

We hope you will take a moment to read the current responses and provide your own thoughts and solutions in the comments section.


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