‘Conversations’ Round-Up

Education and Patient Engagement Critical to Improve Health Care

07.01.13 | By John Castellani

Last week, we introduced ‘Conversations,’ a new forum that provides experts, innovators, patients and other stakeholders an opportunity to share ideas through a live, ongoing dialogue about the future of health care. We received some incredibly thoughtful responses to our inaugural question (“If you could propose one idea to help improve health care delivery in the United States, what would it be?”). Bob Hugin of Celgene, Larry Hausner of the American Diabetes Association, Myrl Weinberg of the National Health Council, Nancy Brown of the American Heart Association and Chris Hansen of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network all weighed in and I encourage you to visit the forum to check out what they had to say.

Each contributor brings a unique perspective to the question, but it’s clear that a key theme is emerging: the need to empower patients through education and engagement to help improve overall quality of care. For our industry, this couldn’t be more important. As Bob mentioned in his response this week, innovation is rapidly changing the way we prevent and treat disease. However, patient involvement and engagement throughout the drug discovery process is instrumental if we are to fully maximize the potential of biopharmaceutical science. For example, a modern, transparent regulatory system that evolves with new advancements is necessary to get safe and effective medicines to those in need in a timely manner – and this system must include patient perspectives.

Ultimately, the advancement of public policy solutions cannot be attained in a vacuum. Just the opposite, collaboration and sharing of ideas are the first steps to a thoughtful approach to the challenges we face across the health care ecosystem.

Let’s continue the dialogue and candidly address the challenges and opportunities in front of us. This forum will only be beneficial if we have the input and perspectives of a variety of stakeholders and participants, so we’re eager to hear from you as to what topics and questions you would like to explore. We are off to a great start. We hope you will continue to contribute your perspective so that we can remain focused on the issues that matter most. 



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