Ensuring the security of our Nation's pharmaceutical supply chain

Conversations: Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

10.29.13 | By

Millions of prescriptions are filled every year in the United States and the patients who depend on these medications must have confidence in their safety and authenticity. From manufacturing to delivery, the pharmaceutical industry complies with regulations set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other government bodies to ensure our Nation’s pharmaceutical supply chain remains secure.

However, producers of counterfeit medicines are constantly looking for new ways infiltrate this system and there are serious health risks that could result by patients ingesting counterfeit medications 

Maintaining a secure supply chain requires a regular reevaluation of established safeguards and procedures, and for this week’s Conversations Forum, we have posed following question:

Are we doing enough to ensure the security of our Nation’s pharmaceutical supply chain?

We look forward to reading the contributions on this topic, and encourage you to join the discussion by sharing your thoughts in the comments section.


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