The Fight Against Cancer

Conversations: The Future of Cancer Care

10.22.13 | By

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly one of every two people will develop a cancer at some point in their life. It’s a startling statistic, and given the wide-reaching ramifications of the disease, researchers continue to devote an extensive amount of time and resources to learning more about the disease and developing treatments for all its forms. In fact, there are more than 3,000 medicines in development for cancer globally and 80% of those are potentially first in class medicines.

This research is part of the reason death rates for cancers have fallen 20% since 1990. But cancer is an extremely complex disease. Moving the science forward and ensuring that all cancer patients get the highest quality care at an affordable cost is no easy task. 

This week’s “Conversations” question focuses on how to achieve the best results in our fight against cancer:

How can we work together to achieve a future in which we’re beating cancer by providing care that is effective, affordable, high quality and patient centered? 

We look forward to learning what our contributors think, and encourage you to join the discussion by sharing your thoughts in the comment section.


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