Crossing the Finish Line in the Race to Cure Cancer

Crossing the Finish Line in the Race to Cure Cancer

06.05.14 | By Robert Zirkelbach

Our members are diligently working to bring new medicines to patients. To date, these treatments have helped make some of the most devastating diseases, including HIV, manageable conditions. To do the same for cancer, collaboration across the health care ecosystem is necessary.

Advances in medicine don’t happen overnight, and discoveries in one field can bring about innovation in another. Through collaboration and pooling the brightest minds, our hope is to bring treatments to cancer patients more quickly. The American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) annual meeting is one place to learn more about the research and development underway, and we were fortunate to join our members over the weekend to hear about some incredibly interesting advances that could result in new medicines.

Thanks to the hard work of researchers around the world, many cancer diagnoses are no longer death sentences, but we are still far from the finish line. To better understand how we get there – where effective treatments and cures for the more than 200 types of cancers await – we posed the following question on PhRMA’s Conversations forum:

We all want to better prevent, treat and cure the many forms of cancer. How close is the collaborative research ecosystem to achieving these goals, and what do we have to do to get there?

We look forward to reading respondents’ thoughts on this pressing matter and encourage you to join the conversation by posting in the comments section.


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