Funding for the Science of Informatics

Funding for the Science of Informatics

08.18.14 | By Preet Bilinski

The science of informatics drives innovation that is defining future approaches to information and knowledge management in biomedical research, clinical care, and public health. The PhRMA Foundation Informatics awards promote the development and use of informatics in an integrative approach towards the understanding of human biological and disease processes.  Informatics awards will support career development of scientists engaged in research that significantly integrates cutting-edge information technology with advanced biological, chemical, and pharmacological sciencesSubscribe button

Awards are available for Pre Doctoral Fellowships, Post Doctoral Fellowships, Sabbatical Fellowships and Research Starter Grants. Learn more about the individual awards and hear from previous recipients on the impact the awards have had on their careers below. But remember, the application deadline is September 1, 2014. These awards will begin in 2015.

At universities throughout the country, students are researching new avenues to find, process, and translate information about human health and disease. Their work stands to advance the state of the art in informatics, improving pharmaceutical research and patient care. To support these bright young scientists as they integrate information technology with biological, chemical, and pharmacological sciences, the Foundation Pre Doctoral Fellowship provides an annual stipend for up to two years.

"The PhRMA Pre Doctoral Fellowship in Informatics helped jump-start my career in bioinformatics and genomic medicine. It gave me the flexibility and creative autonomy to pursue the projects I was most passionate about as a young investigator."
—Jason Rizzo, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2010 Pre Doctoral Fellowship Recipient

The PhRMA Foundation supports postdoctoral research activities that will enhance the expertise of informatics specialists and bridge experimental and computational approaches in genomic and biochemical studies. With this funding, many recipients have been able to secure their careers in informatics and establish independent labs.

"The Post Doctoral Fellowship in Informatics was critical to the success of my postdoctoral research. Without the generous support of the PhRMA Foundation, I doubt I would have a tenure-track faculty position today!"
—John A. Capra, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, 2011 Post Doctoral Fellowship Recipient

The PhRMA Foundation aims to help early-career researchers navigate their current paths, especially in teaching and training. The Research Starter Grant offers support to beginning faculty members launching independent research careers. This funding provides assistance to informatics scientists who have no other financial backing. It as a way to encourage and sustain the good work of young investigators who are stepping out at their colleges and institutions.

 "The PhRMA Foundation Starter Grant allowed me to hire an additional programmer, which in turn allowed us to pursue more ambitious projects and get the results of these projects published more rapidly. Our current projects would not be possible without this early funding boost."
—Michelle Meyer, Ph.D., Boston College, 2012 Research Starter Grant Recipient

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