Helping Scientists Turn a Compound into a Medication

Helping Scientists Turn a Compound into a Medication

08.14.14 | By Preet Bilinski

Pharmaceutics is that area of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences that deals with drug delivery systems, in particular the design and evaluation of contemporary pharmaceutical dosage forms so that they are safe, effective, and reliable. It is a multidisciplinary area, with significant underpinnings from such basic scientific disciplines as physical chemistry, physical organic chemistry, and biophysics.Subscribe button

The PhRMA Foundation Pharmaceutics awards recognize the critical need for well-trained scientific investigators. Accordingly, it wishes to encourage more qualified graduates to obtain research training in pharmaceutics. The Foundation seeks to achieve this goal by providing fellowships each year to qualified applicants who have the opportunity to become involved with mentors, facilities and programs that, collectively, can be expected to provide an excellent environment for the fellow.

Awards are available for Pre Doctoral Fellowships, Post Doctoral Fellowships, Sabbatical Fellowships and Research Starter Grants. Learn more about the individual awards and hear from previous recipients on the impact the awards have had on their careers below. But remember, the application deadline is September 1, 2014. These awards will begin in 2015.

The Pre Doctoral Fellowship in Pharmaceutics assists students engaged in dissertation research on relationships among drug delivery systems, gene therapy, and clinical applications. A stipend is provided when coursework has been completed and Ph.D. candidates begin their final research project.

"I am very thankful to the PhRMA Foundation for believing in me and awarding me with the Pre Doctoral Fellowship. The award did not just help me financially, but also helped me be a better contributor to the scientific community by motivating and boosting my scientific interests and efforts. I feel so proud and honored to receive the PhRMA Foundation Fellowship and am sure this title will go a long way in my professional career. Thank you, PhRMA Foundation, for stimulating and encouraging the scientists of tomorrow."
—Sweta Modi, University of Kentucky, 2012 Pre Doctoral Fellowship Recipient

To encourage more qualified graduates to obtain the post doctoral research training so vitally needed in the area of Pharmaceutics, the Post Doctoral Fellowship was initiated. The post doctoral award consists of a $40,000 annual stipend for up to two years. The second year of this award is contingent upon a progress report approved by the Foundation and submission of a financial report. The award is intended solely as a stipend.

“Receiving the Postdoctoral fellowship for Pharmaceutics from the PhaRMA foundation has been an important part of my postdoctoral experience and training.  The fellowship has allowed me to focus my research in the area of nanoscale drug delivery, an area I am interested in incorporating into my future career path.  Having a background in conjugating nucleic acids to nanomaterials for various other applications, I hoped to learn more about the specific role nanomaterials can play in the safe and effective delivery of nucleic acid based therapeutics for intracellular gene regulation.  Funding from my PhRMA foundation fellowship has given me the freedom to delve deeper into this growing area of drug delivery and development during my postdoctoral studies.” 
- Jessica Rouge, Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2014 Post Doctoral Fellowship Recipient

A grant can do more than facilitate research. It can also motivate scientists who have no other viable funding sources and lay the groundwork for successful academic careers. The Research Starter Grant in Pharmaceuticssupports scientists who are beginning their academic research careers at the faculty level, and ensures the promising work of these researchers continues.

"This prestigious award significantly increased interest in my work among researchers in academic and industrial environments and helped me establish productive collaborations in the field of nanomedicine. Moreover, the PhRMA Foundation award increased my reputation as a young professor among students and helped me recruit talented and research-oriented scholars to work in my laboratory. It allowed me to achieve my initial research goals, publish my first independent papers, and collect the important preliminary data to strengthen my applications for major funding sources. Thank you so much, PhRMA Foundation!"
—Oleh Taratula, Ph.D., Oregon State University, 2012 Research Starter Grant Recipient

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