PhRMA @ #ASCO13: Investing In Medicines Leads to Long-Term Savings

PhRMA @ #ASCO13: Investing In Medicines Leads to Long-Term Savings

05.31.13 | By

The Catalyst is covering #ASCO13 this weekend and we’ll be posting ongoing thoughts on the pulse of the conference. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to leave comments below or tweet @PhRMA.   

Earlier this year, we revealed that there are currently more than 5,000 medicines in the biopharmaceutical pipeline around the world, including more than 3,000 potential medicines for cancer patients.  These potential new medicines offer great hope to millions of patients suffering from disease. 

Innovative medicines also help to control healthcare costs, as reflected in the Congressional Budget Office’s long-term view that medicines can reduce spending on expensive hospitalizations, procedures and other acute and chronic care. This is important to point out as the full value of innovative medicines to patients, the economy and the U.S. health care system is often misunderstood. 

As we continue to make great inroads in the war against cancer, it is important that we continue to have an open conversation about the role that innovative medicines play in increasing patient survivorship rates as well as the tremendous benefits they provide to society and the U.S. economy.

As you follow along with #ASCO13, help us spread the word about the savings of biopharmaceutical innovation by commenting or tweeting @PhRMA.




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