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Day Two
[10:05 a.m.]

Two Women Scientists Honored with PhRMA's 2011 Discoverers Award

There are a lot of interesting discussions and events during PhRMA's Annual Meeting, but one regular event is always special. That is the annual awarding of PhRMA's Discoverers Award.

04.14.11 | By Kate Connors

This is a guest post from Brian Reid, Director at WCG.

Judging from the agenda, the PhRMA Annual Meeting was about leaders: yesterday's Session started with an introduction by PhRMA chairman and sanofi-aventis CEO Chris Viehbacher, followed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and others. All spoke about the importance of investment and the need to have clear, thoughtful regulation to nurture that innovation.

04.14.11 | By Kate Connors

[11:00 a.m.] At the PhRMA Annual Meeting, we set up a "listening gallery," a wall on which participants were invited to share their thoughts on what innovation truly is.

Here are a few samples.

Innovation is:

04.13.11 | By Kate Connors

Often on The Catalyst, Grady and I refer our readers to the PhRMA Chart Pack, a great source of information about the biopharmaceutical research sector.

Today, in conjunction with this week's annual meeting, we're releasing some additional useful material - PhRMA's annual industry profile.

04.13.11 | By Kate Connors

Below, we sat down with Marc Boutin, executive vice president and COO of the National Health Council, for his thoughts on the PhRMA annual meeting.

1. Tell us a bit more about your background and role at the National Health Council.

04.12.11 | By Kate Connors

In launching this blog earlier this year, we said that our goal would be to create a place to share ideas, provide the perspective of America's biopharmaceutical companies and, most importantly, listen to you and learn together. Now, as we approach our annual meeting, beginning Thursday, we think it's the perfect time and place to create opportunities for members of our community to be an active part of the conversation.

04.12.11 | By Kate Connors

Below, we sat down with Ellen Sigal, chairperson and founder of Friends of Cancer Research, for her thoughts about the upcoming PhRMA annual meeting.

1. What message are you bringing to the PhRMA annual meeting?

04.12.11 | By Kate Connors

Later this week, PhRMA will be conducting our 2011 Annual Meeting, convening stakeholders from across the spectrums of healthcare, policy and regulation. Here, I speak with sanofi-aventis CEO Chris Viehbacher - who also serves as the chairman of PhRMA's board, about one of his priority issues for the meeting.

Can you tell us more about why prevention is one of the three themes of this year's PhRMA Annual Meeting?


04.11.11 | By Grady Forrer

Day Two
[10:05 a.m.]

Two Women Scientists Honored with PhRMA’s 2011 Discoverers Award

04.11.11 | By John Castellani

PhRMA's 2011 Annual Meeting starts this Wednesday in Jersey City, New Jersey. Few places in America have as many pharmaceutical research and biotechnology sector manufacturing and headquarters facilities or employ as many people as New Jersey.

04.08.11 | By Kate Connors

This week marked the 20th anniversary of the New York Biotechnology Association annual meeting, featuring PhRMA President and CEO John Castellani as the keynote speaker.

I was struck by the significance of the number 20, as it indicates a good rough timeline of when biotechnology became a major influence in the life sciences sector.


Today is World Health Day. The theme of this year's activities is focused on the important health issue of bacteria that are resistant to current medicines. Today's events highlight the urgent need for new medicines to combat the growing number of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and the significant challenges that resistant bacteria pose to global public health.


Last night in DC, our president and CEO, John Castellani, and Sen. Jon Kyl were honored during the Bryce Harlow Foundation's 30th annual award dinner.

John Castellani was the recipient of the 2011 Bryce Harlow Business-Government Relations Award, which is given to individuals who have made "significant contributions to the advocacy profession through a lifelong career as an exemplary role model."

04.06.11 | By Kate Connors

David Hyde Pierce - who played Niles Crane on Frasier - is in DC today to speak about the importance of government support for Alzheimer's disease research.