Stopping Counterfeit Medicines Online

New Campaign Launches to Stop Counterfeit Medicine

12.02.13 | By Mark Grayson

Fake medicines put patients and the public at risk. In the U.S. almost all fake medicines enter the drug supply through purchases over the internet. This is a pervasive problem all around the world. That is why today, a new campaign is being launched called Fight the Fakes.  Fake medicines are everyone’s business and involves many stakeholders.  The Fight the Fakes campaign has many partners including The NCD Alliance, The Global Fund, World Medical Association, World Heart Association, Medicines for Malaria Venture and the IFPMA.

Fake medicines undermine patients’ trust in health systems, health care providers and manufacturers of genuine medicines.  Manufacturers of fake medicines do not discriminate—both branded and generic medicines and long established as well as recently marketed can be fake.  All the partners are committed to helping with a global coordinated approach to ensure that this worldwide problem is tackled.

Did you know that:

  • Almost 700,000 people around the world die from fake malaria and tuberculosis medicine
  • 15% of the medicines worldwide may be fake
  • In some areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America fake medicines may account for up to 30% of medicines in circulation
  • Counterfeit medicines is a highly profitable crime that could be worth between $75 billion and $200 billion a year

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