One Stop for Innovation: PhRMA’s New

One Stop for Innovation: PhRMA’s New

08.26.14 | By Robert Zirkelbach

It’s likely many of us have paused to think about what life would have been like in a bygone time and felt thankful for the modern comforts we enjoy, from refrigeration to cell phones. When looking at the progress we’ve made and the comforts we enjoy, medical innovation should be at the top of the list. Over the past 100 years, life expectancy has surpassed 80 years, devastating diseases have been eradicated and quality of life has dramatically improved. It is a good time to be alive.

To highlight the advances that have been made, PhRMA has launched a new platform, the Innovation Hub. The website showcases the incredible discoveries, partnerships and policies that allow us to lead longer, healthier lives. From the revolutionary discovery of penicillin in 1928 to breakthrough treatments for hepatitis C approved this year, biopharmaceutical research is putting an indelible stamp on history.

We often fail to truly appreciate the medical progress that has been made because it is easy to forget what life was like without these innovative treatments. The Innovation Hub aims to serve as a reminder by highlighting the research and development that has occurred over the past century. Ever wonder about the innovative medicines that have transformed the way we attack some of the most devastating diseases or wonder how far we’ve come just in the past two decades in treating conditions like HIV/AIDS, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis? The Innovation Hub has this information and more.

We hope you find this to be an informative and engaging resource and we encourage you to take a look around and have fun learning about the incredible progress that continues to improve the way we live our lives. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the Hub and all of PhRMA’s content by sharing what you find on Facebook and Twitter.


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