PhRMA 56th Annual Meeting Spotlights Conversion of Hope into Cures for Patients

PhRMA 56th Annual Meeting Spotlights Conversion of Hope into Cures for Patients

04.16.14 | By John Castellani

Last Friday marked another successful PhRMA Annual Meeting where the biopharmaceutical and patient community, policy makers, academics, and more, came together to discuss challenges and opportunities facing patients today. The Annual Meeting covered an array of topics all centering on the theme of: How we can convert hopes into cures for our nation’s patients.

During the three day event we were fortunate enough to have one-on-one conversations with some of our expert attendees where we posed questions centering around:

What are your thoughts on the latest issues surrounding the biopharmaceutical industry today and the discussions we are having at #PhRMA14?

A few common themes emerged among the many great answers we received, specifically surrounding collaboration. While the Annual Meeting is one of many events that convene different voices from the biopharmaceutical community, one of the most important things we have to keep in mind after meetings have adjourned is how to continue to utilize collaboration throughout the industry. Patient organizations and policy makers noted they are eager to keep collaboration at the forefront for the sake of a thriving biopharmaceutical Research and Development pipeline and innovative new treatments.  

Coming together in partnerships and combined efforts, such as the Accelerating Medicines Partnership, not only broadens our ways of thinking about treatment innovation, but pools industry resources in order to develop treatments at a more efficient pace for patients in need.

Another common topic of interest discussed went beyond the pipeline and into patient lifestyles. As new treatments are making their way to market to help alleviate symptoms, companies and organizations also hope patients are taking the necessary steps to live a healthier life on their own. Small lifestyle changes such as watching your diet or adding an exercise regimen can have a dramatic impact on treating and even preventing certain medical conditions.

We hope that through continued collaboration we can move innovative new treatments through the pipeline while raising awareness around the need for smart lifestyle decisions. I want to thank all of our contributors to Conversations as well as everyone who attended #PhRMA14 with us. We look forward to another great year.


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