#PhRMA14 – From Hopes to Cures

Starting tomorrow: #PhRMA14 – From Hopes to Cures

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After many months of planning and hard work, I’m excited for the kick-off of PhRMA’s 2014 Annual Meeting tomorrow afternoon at 4pm. I think we have a great meeting planned – and I’m thrilled to announce that nearly all of it will be live-streamed on our website.

This year’s meeting, which is being held here in Washington, DC, carries the overarching theme “From Hope to Cures,” which captures the very essence of collaborative medical innovation. Whether you are joining us in person or following the discussions online – you will see that many different people, groups, ideas, opinions, policies, technologies, partnerships and more contribute to this galvanizing purpose.

We are excited to have a wonderful mix of biopharmaceutical industry executives, scientists, patient advocates, regulators, legislators, academics and others join us at #PhRMA14. The discourse will address many of the opportunities and challenges facing the industry and our partners from across the health care ecosystem, including ongoing efforts to advance the development of new treatments for the diseases that impact our lives in so many ways.

Among the many highlights, we will hear from Dr. Craig Mello – 2006 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine – about the future of medical science, and our Chairman Bob Hugin, CEO of Celgene. We are fortunate to welcome patient advocate Suleika Jaouad, author of the Emmy Award-wining New York Times series, “Life Interrupted.”

We’re excited to hear from several influential policymakers and regulators, including FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, MD, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, Representative Fred Upton of Michigan, and Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia.

Our panelists will examine a variety of issues facing the sector, including the importance of innovation and collaboration; access, quality and value in the U.S. health care system; opportunities in utilizing “Big Data”; the value of medical innovation to economies and society; and advancing innovation and access through trade agreements.

We’re looking forward to hearing about these topics and more, and we want you to be part of it!

Join the Conversation

We encourage all readers of The Catalyst to join the online conversation and share your perspectives on key health care issues. Our interactive Annual Meeting webpage will be live-streaming all three days of the meeting, and for the first time, you can customize your experience on Thursday by choosing among three live-streamed panels in both the morning and afternoon. By tuning in and following #PhRMA14 on Twitter, you can pose questions to the panelists and give your thoughts on the issues being discussed.

We also are expanding our Conversations forum to report live from the meeting with interviews from leading stakeholder groups and member companies – and we will be highlighting attendees’ thoughts and insights on The Catalyst, Twitter and Facebook.

We’re looking forward to #PhRMA14 as we discuss new ways to continue to give patients hopes and find new cures.


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