Scientific Leadership Advisory Council – Delivering Solutions

Scientific Leadership Advisory Council – Delivering Solutions

01.08.14 | By

This is the third blog post in a series of responses to Luke Timmerman’s Xconomy article, “12 Things the Pharma Industry Can Do to Rebuild Real Public Trust,” in which he says the pharmaceutical industry isn’t doing enough to deliver “big health advances.”

For the latest installment in our series addressing Luke Timmerman’s Xcomony article, we’re exploring two of his suggestions – “invest more in the basic public R&D system” and “work more on enabling technologies, and find creative ways to fix the clinical trial process.” Both of these align closely with the focus of PhRMA’s Scientific Leadership Advisory Council, established last year. Composed ofheads of R&D, chief scientific officers and chief medical officers from our member companies, the council was created to provide strategic direction to PhRMA to help address complex scientific and public health issues and promote innovation-centric policies.

Recognizing that biopharmaceutical R&D is an increasingly interdependent and collaborative process, the group and PhRMA aim to help deepen scientific engagement with partners in the medical innovation ecosystem, including the academic community, government researchers, patient advocates, policymakers and the public, in order to tackle some of the most challenging issues affecting drug discovery and to strengthen the scientific environment.

For example, among the strategic priorities identified by the council members is to help drive a transformation of the clinical trial process to accelerate translation of scientific knowledge into new solutions for patients’ unmet medical needs – just as Timmerman suggests.

Stay tuned for updates on the council’s progress, as several exciting new initiatives are planned for 2014.

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