The Parkinson Story

The Parkinson Story

04.29.14 | By Preet Bilinski

Parkinson's is chronic and progressive, meaning that symptoms continue and can increase over time. The progression of Parkinson’s disease varies and is different for everyone. No one can predict which symptoms will affect an individual, and the intensity of the symptoms also varies. With April being Parkinson’s Awareness Month part of our efforts include reaching out to the community to hear their Parkinson stories. We heard from various members in the community in our Conversation forum related to our recent report on Medicines in Development for Parkinson’s Diseases.

We would like to continue that engagement and provide an opportunity to express the challenges, triumphs and learning moments of those living with Parkinson's disease. We hope that you will find these stories inspiring and if you would like to share your own story on the impact Parkinson’s has had on your life, please comment below.

We would like to introduce you to Patricia Sanborn, but everyone who loves her calls her Patty. She's originally from St. Louis, but calls Haymarket, in northern Virginia home. Patty’s diagnosis was a surprise but she is eager to share her story because so many people are struggling with the challenges of Parkinson’s. 



Emily Baker also tells us about the impact Parkinson has had on her family. Her mother had the illness for over a decade, and thankfully for the most part of that she was able to live a normal life. Emily credits that to the medical treatments available to Parkinson’s patients today. 



We will also will have an additional story featuring an incredible patient advocate, that many in the community may be familiar with, Sue Dubman. When Sue was diagnosed with Parkinson’s she tells us, “I was in denial for at least a few years and pretty much hid it from everyone else, but it comes a point where you can’t hide it anymore.” Hear more in Sue’s full interview in the coming weeks.



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