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Physician feedback is critical to improving patient outcomes

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CBS This MorningThe Sunshine Act encourages transparency around the interactions between physicians and biopharmaceutical professionals. These conversations are vital to improving patient care.

A CBS This Morning segment discussing the Sunshine Act, slated to air tomorrow [March 4, 2014], will include an interview with a ProPublica journalist. If their comments are similar to what they’ve said in the past, they will discuss physician interactions with biopharmaceutical professionals in a negative, out-of-context style. Physician feedback is critical to improving patient outcomes and unfortunately ProPublica’s approach so far is to omit any context around how financial relationships impact the development of new medical treatments and patient care.  Tune into CBS This Morning tomorrow between the 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. ET hour and click here for a previous post I wrote to see ProPublica’s approach.

Feedback is critical to improving patient outcomes. For example, the discovery of new and improved medicines is dependent on research collaborations between physicians and biopharmaceutical companies. Clinical trials sponsored by biopharmaceutical companies have led to breakthroughs for people suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Biopharmaceutical companies also help keep physicians current on the latest treatments, new indications, and emerging safety risks.

Simply listing physician names and dollar amounts does nothing to further the public’s understanding of how interactions impact biopharmaceutical development or the physicians who collaborate on innovative developments. Rather, ProPublica’s reporting style attempts to blacklists physicians from collaborating with biopharmaceutical companies.  Without the proper context, this type of reporting is detrimental the practice of medicine, future innovation and should be deeply concerning to all those who contribute to the discovery of new and improved medicines.Partners for Healthy Dialogues

That’s why PhRMA supports Partners for Healthy Dialogues, a coalition of health care provider groups and biopharmaceutical/medical technology organizations that is dedicated to demonstrating the value these interactions bring to improving patient care. To learn more, visit www.healthydialogues.org.


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