Week in Review: Combatting Common Misconceptions about Health

Week in Review: Combatting Common Misconceptions about Health

08.15.14 | By

A new PhRMA survey found that Americans are paying more attention to their health, and, thanks to the countless resources at our fingertips, information is often just a click away. Easy access to vast amounts of information, however, has led to misconceptions about what is and isn’t healthy. Today, for example, just 33 percent of Americans believe it is very easy to get accurate and complete health care information. Myths can spread rapidly, to the detriment of patients seeking answers and guidance, and PhRMA aims to address these misconceptions by working toward ensuring patients have access to the information they need to live longer, healthier lives.

As a result, PhRMA’s Executive Vice President of Science and Regulatory Affairs, Bill Chin, appeared on the CNBC Nightly Business Report’s series Aging in America. Given that the rising cost of health care is a top-of-mind issue, having Dr. Chin participate allowed PhRMA to share its perspective and combat misconceptions about the industry by highlighting the medicines currently in the pipeline to help patients and keep costs down.

PhRMA also discussed the myths around vaccinations this week because August is National Immunization Awareness Month. Despite what some activists have said, vaccines significantly reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases and have the power to save millions of children’s lives each year. Unfortunately, misguided safety concerns have led to a decrease in vaccination coverage, causing the re-emergence of some diseases, including measles. Approximately 2.6 million children under the age of five die from vaccine-preventable diseases annually. These deaths are very unfortunate and in some cases preventable if people have the facts.

To be certain you have accurate information about your health, only use reputable sources like your doctor, hospital websites and well-known nonprofit organizations. We’re constantly communicating helpful information on Facebook, Twitter and the Catalyst blog, and we encourage you to check for updates.

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