Expanding Knowledge to Enhance Patient Wellness

Week in Review: Expanding Knowledge to Enhance Patient Wellness

11.02.13 | By

The old adage that 'you learn something new every day' doesn’t apply to the biopharmaceutical industry; for those researching and developing new medicine, it would be more accurate to say you learn something new every few minutes. Our member companies continue to push the limits of research, and that process keeps our work consistently exciting.
Did you know, for example, that nearly 2,000 clinical trials have been conducted in Nebraska since 1999? This week, our own Jeff Trewhitt was at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where we released Research in Your Backyard: Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials in Nebraska. The 1,937 clinical trials conducted in the state not only advance R&D, but also offer patients access to potential new treatments, and nearly 150 of those trials are still active and recruiting. 
Our "Conversations" forum this week looked at the difficult and scary issue of counterfeit medicines. While the U.S. does have one of the safest drug supply chains in the world, we are certainly not exempt from the problem of fake or adulterated medicines. Hear what experts have to say about whether we’re doing enough to ensure the security of our supply chain this week in our “Conversations” forum.
It is also interesting to consider that although the biopharmaceutical industry has made tremendous advancements and evolved throughout the years, the regulations on communication have remained stagnant. This means that companies often have limitations on what information they can share about new products, such as medically accepted off-label uses for approved medications. Mit Spears, PhRMA’s General Counsel, believes that it is time to re-evaluate the way companies are allowed to communicate so health care providers better educate patients on these alternative uses that could save their lives.
What I’ve learned about this industry and how it fits into the broader health care ecosystem is fascinating, but we also want to learn from you. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and check back in with The Catalyst each week to hear more, and tell us your thoughts.


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