Recent Progress is Staggering

Week in Review: Participation from Health Care Ecosystem Means Continued Progress

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From programs that provide access to medicines, to the development of innovative new treatments, the recent progress we’ve made is staggering.

Our CEO John Castellani noted in a blog post this week that all members of the R&D process, from patients to researchers to academics, play a significant role in development process. It is through their participation that we have seen continued advances.

Elizabeth Joyce of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) echoed this sentiment by discussing the importance of patient involvement in the R&D process in a blog post. Joyce specifically cited the increased need for clinical trials volunteers. With 85 percent of clinical trials across all diseases facing delays and 30 percent never even getting off the ground due to low enrollment, encouraging patients to become more involved in the trials process is essential. As a result, MJFF created the Fox Trial Finder program to help patients find clinical trials close to home.

Encouraging collaboration among researchers and patients is also important. To bring together these two groups, PhRMA is hosting an all-day forum with the Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation Oct. 23 to discuss the challenges facing Alzheimer’s clinical trials participation and other issues related to the disease. This discussion will examine the collaborative efforts between top industry and academic scientists, patients, policymakers and other stakeholders, as we work toward developing Alzheimer’s treatments.

Patient groups are a  very important part of the equation, and successful programs like Medicare Part D have also contributed to the medical advances we’ve seen in recent years. The Part D program, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary next month, provides seniors with the medicines they need, and a recent survey found the program’s satisfaction rate to be 90 percent among seniors. Our work, however, is never done and CEO John Castellani asked experts to discuss what can be done to improve Medicare Part D and make continued progress on our “Conversations Forum.


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