Spotlight on PhRMA Research & Hope Awards

WUSA 9 – TV Puts Spotlight on PhRMA Research & Hope Awards

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WUSA 9 - TV highlighted the importance of vaccines and immunizations during a segment that aired on the evening news here in Washington last night.  The segment comes on the heels of PhRMA’s annual Research & Hope Awards ceremony celebrating individuals and teams in the medical innovation ecosystem who are contributing greatly to the advancement of public health.

WUSA 9, a media partner for the Research & Hope Awards program, lent their top talent – Anita Brikman – to emcee the event.  Anita, a news anchor and health correspondent who over the years has reported on a variety of health care issues impacting the Washington, DC metro area and the nation as a whole, presented an award to Dr. Linda Fu, MD.  Dr. Fu leads the vaccine program targeting the Washington community at Children’s National Medical Center

Dr. Fu received the 2013 PhRMA Research & Hope Award for Patient and Community Health for her efforts to increase awareness of the importance of childhood immunization and raise the quality of immunization delivery to an at-risk population in the District of Columbia.  These efforts have ensured that a generation of children in our region is protected from a wide range of preventable diseases. 

In the segment, Dr. Fu says: “We put into place reminder systems for families when vaccines are due and overdue. We linked up with the local department of health to really bring children in for care and outreach to children who may not be linked into the system.” 

We can confidently say that her work, along with the other recipients of the Awards, is transforming the health care landscape in the U.S. and potentially around the globe, as well as providing millions of patients with preventative medical interventions to help stave off many dangerous and life-threatening diseases. 

Importantly, modern vaccines do more than just prevent disease, they also provide therapeutic benefits for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS – a point often highlighted throughout the awards ceremony. 

John Castellani, president and CEO of PhRMA, hit it right on the mark when he said during the WUSA 9 News interview: “Diseases that I grew up with [including] polio and smallpox no longer exist because of groundbreaking vaccines, but today we talk about cervical cancer, we can talk about malaria that takes so many millions of lives around the world.”  The other awardees advancing science and patient care in these two areas – cervical cancer and malaria – will soon be featured on BioCentury This Week.  I urge you to tune in on September 22 at 8:30 am. 



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