Codes & Guidelines

Mexico City Principles For Codes of Business Ethics

PhRMA April 8, 2013

PhRMA supports the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Mexico City Principles for Voluntary Codes of Business Ethics in the Biopharmaceutical Sector. These principles address the following topics:

  • Healthcare and Patient Focus: everything we do is intended to benefit patients.
  • Integrity: dealing ethically, honestly and respectfully in everything we do.
  • Independence: respect the need of autonomous decision-making of all parties, free from improper influence.
  • Legitimate Intent: everything we do is for the right reasons, is lawful and aligns with the spirit and the values of these Principles.
  • Transparency: a general willingness to be open about our actions while respecting legitimate commercial sensitivities and intellectual property.

In interacting with all stakeholders, companies are committed to following the highest ethical standards as well as all applicable laws and regulations. Companies encourage healthcare professionals, government officials and others who work with Companies to respect these Principles and adopt consistent standards if applicable. These Principles are to reinforce our intention that companies’ interactions are professional exchanges designed to benefit patients and to enhance the practice of medicine. These Principles are based on the foundation that a healthcare professional’s care of patients should be based solely on each patient’s medical needs and the healthcare professional’s medical knowledge and experience.